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12/14 축구분석 해외분석가 크리스 프리뷰

天機漏洩 0 113 0 0

Newcastle v Everton

FBENG Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-12-13 20:45:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:40:49)

One meagre point from their last seven matches for Newcastle and they are definitely involved in the fight for survival in the Premiership. I cannot talk about their ”superior” coach any more and they will need some new players in January, or they risk staying where they are now right now in the league table.

C Atsu and Lascelles were back in their squad against Leicester (2-3), but only Atsu actually took part in the game. Captain Lascelles will probably be involved in this match and also P Dummett could return. J Shelvey was an unused susbstitute and I will not deny that this fact surprises me.

Without creating any scoring chances of note Everton picked up a morale boosting, very valuable point in the Mersyside derby. You think you have seen it all, but Everton more or less continued to play for the 0-0 draw when they were still 0-1 down vs Liverpool.

A lucky penalty, Rooney scores and Everton picked up the unlikeliest of point. The Allardyce effect is a fact.

M Keane and P Jagielka were unused substitutes in the derby.

Traditionally Everton always seem to win against Newcastle, but Everton are winless away from home and my choice here has to be the home win.

뉴캐슬 승

Southampton v Leicester

FBENG Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-12-13 20:45:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:42:55)

1-0 in the lead at home to Arsenal, I saw Southampton failing to take advantage of a couple of great scoring chances and those missed chances came back to haunt them when Giroud found a late equaliser for Arsenal

C Austin scored again for the Saints and he was very close to scoring one or two more goals, but let us not forget, Arsenal could have scored more goals.

M Lemina is obviously not in top shape, as coach Pellegrino is not including him their starting line up. Cedric Soares has returned to training and Southampton have a clean bill of health ahead of this game.

While Southampton are drawing their games Leicester have now won their last three league games and no doubt, their star players, or more precisely R Mahrez and J Vardy, are enjoying their life under coach Puel. Mahrez was man of the match against Newcastle. Okazaki will play.

Both to score is the best I can come up with.


Swansea v Manchester City

FBENG Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-12-13 20:45:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:44:52)

Live for another day is the mantra for the Swansea coach Clement after their late winning goal at home to WBA. William Bony scored again and Swansea deserved their win, their first win in eight games. At least they have a goal scorer again, but is it possible to get their other rather famous player, R Sanches going? They need to as they are lacking creative players. N Dyer is back playing from the start. W Routledge is their only injury doubt and F Fernandez will be in contention after a lay off period.

Man City are a remarkable side. You have a feeling that they are not really in top form, but they go on winning their matches. G Jesus started against Man United in the derby and I guess it will be Kun Aguero from the start in tomorrow’s game. Kompany is injured again and he will not play tomorrow.

Mission accomplished, they won the derby and it is quite possible they will be playing play a below par game in Wales.

Enough to win the match? Quite possible, but this 1.25 is not for this writer.

패스 추천

Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion

FBENG Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-12-13 21:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:46:51)

I do not have to tell anyone that Liverpool threw away the win against Everton. It was too easy for any one involved to see and to be so much better in a game without winning it must be utterly frustrating. It is not like they are lacking offensive players and against Everton, for example, both Coutinho and Firmino started the match on the bench with Solanke playing upfront. Their most dangerous player M Salah was taken off when they were in the lead. Coach Klopp obviously took the game too lightly. I know it sounds absurd, but he is not from Liverpool.

Wijnaldum, E Can, Coutinho and Firmino will most likely play from the start this time, but S Mane could be rested.

Two games for Pardew’s WBA, 0-0 vs Crystal Palace and 0-1 against Swansea and coach Pardew has already come to realise that his new club need new strikers. He has to go with what he has at his disposal, at least till the January transfer window open and it will not be easy to recruit strong front men for a bottom club like WBA.

G Barry and M Phillips will probably be back in time for this game.

Very likely home win.

리버풀 승

Manchester Utd v Bournemouth

FBENG Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-12-13 21:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:48:53)

P Pogba will once again be suspended for Man United while the Bournemouth defender A Smith will return from his suspension.

R Lukaku was the unlucky man when United lost the derby 1-2. He is better attacking than defending, but unfortunately for United he is also going through a lean scoring spell at the moment. They used to say about Lukaku, he never was a big match player, maybe they were right. Ibrahimovic could replace him from the start in this match. Phil Jones is available again, Fellaini has a chance, but M Rojo is a doubt.

J Defoe scored twice for Bournemouth away to Crystal Palace and one of his goals was quite remarkable. Bournemouth have only lost one of their last six matches.

Home winner.

맨체스터 유나이티드 승

Tottenham v Brighton

FBENG Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-12-13 21:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:50:51)

An out of sorts looking Stoke side were outclassed by Tottenham 1-5 at Wembley Stadium. It was so easy for Spurs and I cannot even say if they had to be in top form to win the game, but no doubt, their big win did many of the Totenham players, including Harry Kane, an awful good after a couple of rather poor games lately.

Davidson Sanchez will be suspended for this game.

Brighton offered their season worst performance at Huddersfield and I guess no one fully understood why coach Hughton did not play with his most creative player, A Knockaert. “ A tactical decision” Hughton said after their 0-2 loss vs Huddersfield. I thoroughly expect Knockaert back for this game.

Very likely home win.

토트넘 승

West Ham v Arsenal

FBENG Premier League > Regular Season-17

2017-12-13 21:00:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:53:23)

When Moyes was coaching Everton, his happy period, his Everton were experts at winning 1-0 against the best Premiership sides. They took the lead and they defended expertly, much the way his new club managed against Chelsea at the weekend.

It is quite possible that Chelsea were not at their very best, but still, there were not many scoring chances for Chelsea in that game and the Hammers must have done most things wrong.

Arnautovic scored the goal and look out for him in the future. He is known to have his spells, good and poor ones. Andy Carroll will probably replace M Antonio and in that case, it will be the only change to their line up.

Arsenal will miss the injured duo Mustafi and A Ramsey. Arsenal have conceded early goals in both their last two games and an early goal is just what West Ham will be looking for. Then Moyes can use his traditional master plan, so to speak.

West Ham to score the first goal of the game will be my call.

웨스트햄 선취득점

Montpellier v Lyon

FBFRA Coupe de la Ligue > 8th Finals-17

2017-12-13 21:05:00 (This report was created at 2017-12-12 12:55:35)

My guess is that this cup game will not be the most important game of the season for Lyon, if you know what I mean. I have no actual proof for this statement, I am just trying to have a realistic approach ahead of this match. I want to back the big priced home win and I need some kind of argument backing up my bet.

Lyon have played a lot of games lately. Last week for instance they faced Atalanta and Amiens in a four day spell and in a few days time they will play the highly prestigious and important game vs Marseille and Lyon have the home advantage.

Montpellier have an easy home game next vs the worst side in the division, Metz.

I suggest that all the Lyon focus is on their game against Marseille and hopefully I am right here. Backing Montpellier.

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